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Queen Mary Ghost dinner

Then we moved to the next room of the engine room. It was much darker there. Our guide took his small flashlight and loosened the top so it would turn on if you barely touched it and he set it down. He told us they didn't know the names of the ghosts in this room but they knew it was an "engineer" and a "greaser" were there. He asked if someone was in the room if they'd turn on the light. The light barely flickered on.

Dinner Ghost tour Queen Mark

Again, he asked several yes/no questions. If we were talking to the engineer, if he was alone, stuff like that. Each time the light would turn on or off if the answer was yes. If it was no, the light wouldn't change. Sometimes it would turn immediately on, sometimes it would barely flicker on.

Ghost tour queen mary

We took photos every time the light changed. I looked and lightened the photos. I couldn't see anyone.

Queen Mary propeller shaft

Where the propeller shaft was. If you yelled down it there was a great echo!

Queen Mary Boiler Room

The boiler room. The ghost here worked in the boiler room. He doesn't like women. He pulls women's hair, hits them and, on one occasion, scratched a woman.

Queen Mary Boiler Room

It was really dark with a bit of a rickety walkway. I don't think a lot of people were excited about going in there. We didn't see anything.

Queen Mary Pool

Everyone couldn't wait to see the pool!

First class pool Queen Mary

A little girl has been seen here. She drowned in the second-class pool. When that was closed, they started seeing her here. When we were here people saw a shadow out of the corner of their eye in the upper right corner.

Queen Mary First Class Pool

It really was a very beautiful pool area. It didn't photograph half as pretty as it really was, especially the ceiling. It still felt a bit creepy. Maybe because it was empty. Also there were no windows. It was in the middle of the ship. It felt humid even without water in the room.

It was almost Midnight when the tour ended. It was fantastic! By far the best ghost tour we've ever been on!
We went back to our room. At around 3am the fire alarm went off. All of our tour group somehow met outside of the Queen Mary and we talked until they let us back in to our rooms. It was funny, almost all of us were so confused when the alarm went off we all thought it was somehow part of the ghost tour. The alarm was a false alarm.

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