California Trip '12

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Central Perk Daily Specials

Central Perk's Menu.

Central Perk Friends

The window and stage. You can see the microphone on the left of the photo.

Central Perk Friends Warner Brothers

Love the old laptop!

Friends Central Perk

Yummy-looking plastic cake.

Friends Central Perk Service

Everything looked just like it did on the show. It was just a little more cramped together.

Coffee shop central perk friends

After we left the Central Perk set our tour guide collected our cameras and phones and she locked them up because we were visiting the costume department. They didn't allow photos. There was an entire floor of Harry Potter costumes. They had a sorting hat that spoke and told us which house we belonged to. On the first floor they had a Dark Knight costume and a lot of costumes from old movies. Next, we visited the set of The Mentalist. They didn't allow photos there either. It was very cool!

The Mentalist Props

They gave us our cameras and phones back to visit the props department.

My fellow Americans The Matrix Revolutions

The Jack Lemmon statue is from the movie "My Fellow Americans" and the white statue is from "The Matrix Revolutions."

Dark Shadows

This painted cracked me up. I looked but I have no idea where it's from.

Presidential seals props WB

All different Presidential, CIA and FBI seals used in different movies.

WB lighting department

Lighting department. The lamp behind the black standing lamp to the right cracks me up. It's a woman wearing a bikini.

Warner Brothers props blood

Oh no! In a pool of my own blood! Hee! It was a rubber mat of "blood."

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