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Glendale Community Callege

A closeup of the doors.

Community fake tree

You can see where they sit outside they've covered the palm tree with a fake bark to make it look like a tree. At the top of the photo you can see the palm tree sticking out of the top of the fake bark.

Castle Nathan Fillion Richard Castle Beckett

When we came around we were on the other side of the "Castle" shoot. They were still filming the same scene!

Lucille Ball Paramount

Next we headed to the old offices of Lucille Ball and Desilu.

Lucille Ball Desilu Paramount Studios

This was the door to Lucille Ball's office.

Desi Arnaz Desilu Paramount

This small door was the door to Desi Arnez's office. The tour guide didn't know why it was so small.

Lucille Ball Park Desilu Paramount

Lucille Ball was a working Mom and that was kind of frowned upon back then. She made this area look exactly like her back yard and she'd play with her kids. Photographers would take photos and people would think she was at home. This area was used as a school in The Brady Bunch and Happy Days.

Lucille Ball Desi Armez Park Desilu Paramount

You can see how massive that tree trunk is in this photo.

Ted Danson Woody Harrelson Cheers Paramount

It's hard to read. It says "Ted Danson Woody Harrelson was here 1/12/89 (naked") and there's one hand and one foot print from each of them. The story is they lost a bet so they were out, naked, except for shoes. They saw the wet cement and decided to commemorate the occasion. I think drinking may have been involved.

Animal Practice Paramount

We were driving to a good photo spot and we came across the sound stage for "Animal Practice."

Animal Practice Cancelled

Very sad. They just announced the show was cancelled. When we got there they were already tearing down the sets and throwing them away.

Animal Practice Cancelled pig

Everyone could not stop laughing when they walked the little pig out. People were making jokes.

Animal Practice Cancel Pig

It was such an adorable little piglet!

Animal Practice cancelled

They drove the dumpster away with the sets inside and the Hollywood sign VERY faint in the background. It was kinda sad.

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