California Trip '12

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Lemony Snicket Meryl Streep Paramount

Meryl Streep's dress from "Lemony Snicket a Series of Unfortunate Events"

Bing Crosby Road to Utopia

Bing Crosby in "Road to Utopia"

The Dictator Cary Grant Jim Carrey

On the left is Sasha Baron Cohen, "The Dictator"; The gray suit in the middle is Cary Grant from "To Catch a Thief" and on the left is Jim Carrey's "Lemony Snicket a Series of Unfortunate Events."

Transformers allspark Paramount pictures

The AllSpark Cube from "Transformers."

Addams Family Gomez Fester

A portrait of Gomez and Uncle Fester hung in the halls.

Prop room Paramount studios

There are so many things in this room it's hard to see everything. The cello is from "The Soloist", the lion skin from "Coming to Americ"a, helmets from "The Coneheads", bag from "Sleepy Hollow", prosthetic legs from "Forest Gump", oil painting from "Lemony Snicket" and green sign from "Addams Family." Those are the only ones I know.

Jewelry department Paramount

This is the jewelry department. They didn't catalog jewelry for years, where it was worn and who wore it, until recently. The woman that works here watches old movies and tries to find which piece of jewelry was worn in which movie.

Vampire in Brooklyn Eddie Murphy

The hair and nails worn by Eddie Murphy in "A Vampire in Brooklyn."

The Dictator

Cereal and a plate setting used in "The Dictator."

Community Porche

They told us who this car belonged to but now I can't remember. Maybe someone who stars in "Community." It was parked in front of the "Community" set.

Borchert Hall Community

As you can see, here's Borchert Hall. It's the outside of a sound stage.

Community Library Paramount

And the library

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