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Paramount backlot tour

A shot of the upper floors of the "bank" building.

Castle Stana Katic Nathan Fillion Paramount

When we came out, they were still filming the same shot. It was from the "Significant Others" episode of "Castle."

Castle Beckett Stana Katic Paramount

Getting ready to shoot again.

Castle Nathan Fillion Beckett Richard Castle Paramount Studios

We finally got a shot of Nathan Fillion.

Castle Nathan Fillion Paramount Tour

It was hard to get a shot of him. After the scene he would immediately turn and book it back to the beginning.

Film archives Paramount Studios Tour

After we watched them shoot the same scene MANY more times we went to the film cold storage room. It was so cool!

Film storage Paramount Pictures Tour

We both LOVED the old film reels! We couldn't figure out how they were filed. They had Macbeth next to Titanic next to Jackass: The Movie and then Dreamgirls. We asked our tour guide about it and he said they find the movies by bar code.

Paramount cold film storage

Most of the movies were not on film in canisters. They were in containers like at Blockbuster. There were SO many movies!

film storage Paramount

These were also ordered haphazardly. Saving Private Ryan was next to Friday the 13th Part 3 in 3D, next to Van Wilder 1: Freshman Year, next to Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

film storage disc Paramount studios

This is what the modern "film" looks like. It's a hard drive. It's programmed to start working on opening day and it will play only as many times as it's supposed to during the run of the movie. That way theater owners can't cheat the studio out of profits. Paramount sends the hard drive to the theaters and when the run of the movie is over, they send it back.

Paramount Studio Tour

My first guess for this was from "The Fifth Element" but I'm pretty sure that's not right. It looks familiar. I know I've seen it. If you know where it's from, e-mail me.

Gladiator Helmet Jack Black Tropic Thunder Paramount

The jacket that's cut off is from Beverly Hills Cop. The helmets on the top shelf are from Gladiator and the prosthetic is what Jack Black wore in Tropic Thunder for "The Fatties" movie.

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