California Trip '12

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Parenthood house Universal VIP tour NBC

A closer look at some of the photos on the bulletin board.

Parenthood Christmas Universal VIP Tour

When we walked out of the set there was someone working. He was wrapping presents. We talked to him for a little bit before we left.

Universal Backlot Tour VIP Parenthood Set

The curtain shows an outdoor scene for when they need to show something outside of the windows.

Universal Backlot tour VIP

Next, we headed to the wall texture and foam shops.

Universal VIP Tour Wall Texture

This wall shows the different textures they make for walls. The left side shows a regular paint job, the middle is a flat texture and the right is an aged version of each texture.

Universal Studios VIP foam shop

I am VERY strong. I can pick up an anvil!

Universal Foam Shop VIP Back Lot Tour

The manhole was made of plastic, the fire hydrant was made of a dense foam and the anvil was made of a light foam. It was as light as a sponge.

Universal Studios foam shop VIP Tour

Elvis and the dinosaru's feet were made of foam too.

Universal Wall texture shop VIP tour

The machine in the back was making wall textures. When we were there they pulled some brick textures, hot off the press!

Universal Studios VIP Tour Johnny Carson

I just liked the name of the building.

Universal Studios City backdrop

This big city skyline backdrop was just outside. It looked funny with all of the golf carts parked in front of it.

Universal Backlot tour VIP

Next we headed to the backlot streets. They were setting up for something.

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