California Trip '12

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Dr Phil Paramount Studios

Backstage there were different sofas and chairs stacked up. I guess they use different furniture depending on the guest.

Castle Nathan Fillion Stana Catic Paramount Studios Tour

At our next stop we saw a show filming on the street. They told us it was the show "Castle." We couldn't see much from our vantage point.

Paramount Back Lot Tour

Our guide explained that most of the buildings were just façades. There wasn't anything behind the doors.

Paramount Pictures Back Lot Tour

This door was one of the few exceptions. They built and decorated a hallway 5 feet inside so an actor could walk in to the building.

Paramount Studios Backlot Tour

A look inside. None of the rest of it is nice. It's storage. Directly behind the door is the only place that's decorated for the cameras.

Castle Nathan Fillion Stana Catic Paramount Studio

When we walked to the end of the street, we were closer to the "Castle" filming.

Stana Catic Castle

Bill got a really good photo of Stana Katic (Beckett).

Castle Esposito Ryan Beckett Paramount Studio Tour

On the left you can see Jon Huertas (Esposito) and Seamus Deaver (Ryan).

Castle Beckett Fillion Catic Paramount Backlot Tour

We watched them film the same scene 3 or 4 times and then we moved on.

Paramount Studio Tour Subway

This is a (fake) subway station. Actors walk down the stairs and stay there and other actors walk up the stairs like they just got off the subway.

Paramount Studio Backlot Tour Bank

The subway station was in front of this building. It's often used for a bank or the bottom half (entrance) of a skyscraper.

Studio Tour Paramount Bank Interior

It's another example of a building that has an interior. You can see how it could easily be set up as a bank.

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