California Trip '12

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Sir Winston's Queen Mary

We headed over to Sir Winston's. Tonight we booked a Dining with the Spirits Tour.

Sir Winston's bar

We were going to dine with all of the other people taking the tour. While we waited for everyone, we had a drink.

Dining with the spirits Queen Mary

Dinner was really good! Afterwards, they let us go to our rooms to change since we were going to be in places were we might get dirty and then we met on deck. The moon was red. Spooky!

Queen Mary deck

Bill took a nice shot while we were waiting for everyone.

Queen Mary dining with the spirits

Waiting for the tour to begin.

Queen Mary propeller

During WWII, on 2 October 1942, the Queen Mary accidentally sank one of her escort ships, slicing through the light cruiser HMS Curacoa off the Irish coast with a loss of 239 lives. The Queen Mary was carrying thousands of American troops of the 29th Infantry Division to join the Allied forces in Europe. Due to the risk of U-boat attacks, the Queen Mary was under orders not to stop under any circumstances and steamed onward with a fractured stem. Sometimes you can see a soldier here, by the propeller.

Queen Mary Ghost Tour Engine room

Our next stop was the engine room.

Queen Mary engine room watertight door

A young engineer named John was crushed by this watertight door. They don't know what happened because the doors close relatively slowly but, maybe he was goofing around. Anyway, his ghost is supposed to live in this part of the engine room.

Queen Mary Dining with the Spirits

Our guide picked me out of the group and had me hold divining rods. The rods spun freely in my hands. He asked John if he was there to cross the rods. Nothing. He asked a couple more times. Nothing. Then he said to cut it out and answer. The rods crossed.

Ghost tour Queen Mary

He asked a few more yes/no questions and John would cross and uncross the rods. I was not moving one bit.

Queen Mary engine room ghost

Then he asked John to show us where he is, point both rods in his direction. As you can see, the rods moved together behind me, to the left.

Ghost tour engine room queen mary

I looked closely and lightened all of the photos we took. Nothing showed up on our photos.

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