California Trip '12

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Griffith Observatory ceiling

The Hugo Ballin Murals painted on the vaulted ceilin of the rotunda. Painted in 1934-35 the Ballin ceiling mural celebrates classical celestial mythology, with images of Atlas, the four winds, the planets as gods, and the twelve constellations of the zodiac.

Griffith Observatory clock

The Foucault Pendulum has a 240-pound brass ball, suspended by a cable 40 feet long. The pendulum is mounted to a bearing in the rotunda ceiling that does not turn with the building as it rotates with the Earth. As the day passes, the pendulum knocks over pegs set up in the pendulum pit and indicates the progress of rotation. It is one of the largest such devices in the world.

Cafe at the End of the Universe

LOVED the name! And we can say we ate at The Cafe at the End of The Universe.

Griffith Observatory

We spent a few hours looking around, ate lunch, touched some moon rocks. It was nice!

El Capitan Theater Hollywood

Before we left we wanted to go to Hollywood Boulevard.

Grauman's Chinese Theater Hollywood

We'd hoped to go to Grauman's Chinese Theater but they were having a red carpet event for the AFI Film Festival.

The Roosevelt Hotel Hollywood

We thought about staying at the Roosevelt Hotel but we really liked the Queen Mary.

Grauman's Hollywood Boulevard LA

Hollywood Walk of Fame Hollywood Boulevard

There were a TON of people on the street.

Grauman's Chinese Theater Hollywood Boulevard

We were there for the 2nd day of the AFI Film Fest. That day they were doing the red carpet for Life of Pi.

Hard Rock Los Angeles

Dolby Theater where they had the Academy Awards!

El Capitan Theater Hollywood

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