California Trip '12

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Dinner for Shmucks Paramount Pictures Tour

Barry, presenting his mice art, "...Benjamin Franklin. People said, 'You can't fly a kite in a rainstorm,' and Ben Franklin said, 'Yes you can, if you have an electric kite.'

Dinner for Schmucks Paramount Pictures Tour

"A man who broke more bones than any man in history, Evel Knievel."

Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol Paramount

The Russian nuclear launch device from "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol."

GI Joe Paramount Studios

I'm pretty sure this is Snake Eyes from "G.I. Joe."

Addams Family Values War of the Worlds Paramount

On the left is Uncle Fester's clothes from "Addam's Family Values". On the right, Tom Cruise's jacket from "War of the Worlds."

Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol Tom Cruise Paramount Tour

All of these clothes are from "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol." The far left is Simon Pegg's outfit, the uniform is Tom Cruise's and the right is Paula Patton's dress.

Team America World Police

Kim Jong Il and Spottswood from "Team America: World Police."

Tropic Thunder panda hat Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller's panda hat from "Tropic Thunder."

The Dictator Sasha Baron Cohen

The Dictator

Ginger rodgers Christina Ricci Rhonda Fleming Buster Keaton Story Sleepy Hollow

The outfit on the left was worn by Ginger Rodgers in "Lady in the Dark." The center dress was worn by Christina Ricci in "Sleepy Hollow." The Black dress on the right was worn by Rhonda Fleming in "The Buster Keaton Story."

Benjamin Button Brad Pitt Paramount Studios

The prosthetics from "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button."

Paramount costume department tour

Starting from the left. The leather jacket worn by Matt Damon in "True Grit"; the purple coat, Cameron Diaz in "Vanilla Sky"; red and gray outfit with the dog is Will Ferrell in "Zoolander"; blue dress is Beyonce in "Dreamgirl"s and the red dress on the right-hand side is Cate Blanchett in "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button."

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