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Our last stop in Nebraska was going to be the World's Largest Ball of Stamps. It's located in Boy's Town in their Philamatic Museum. Unfortunately, we got to Boy's Town too late. The museum was closed. But, we got to see Boy's Town! We didn't even know it was in Nebraska.


The statue of Monsignor Falanagan in front of his house.


There were nice inscriptions all around.


The house was really nice. We couldn't go inside. It was closed for tours as well.


There was a beautiful rose garden in front of the house.


We didn't travel much on highways during the trip but it was Tuesday already and we kind of got our hopes up to see Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. The highway that went North in to South Dakota actually ran across the border in to Iowa and then back in to South Dakota. We spent the night in Sioux Falls, SD.


First thing in the morning we went to see the U.S.S. South Dakota Memorial.


The "Battle Legend" of the U.S.S. South Dakota. By the end of World War II, the South Dakota had steamed 246,970 miles, destroyed 64 enemy planes and awarded 13 battle stars.


The memorial was really cool. They had a concrete outline of the ship in the grass. They stripped the major parts of the retired U.S.S South Dakota and placed them inside the memorial exactly where they were on the ship.


This is the port hatch from the conning tower. It's 16 " thick and weighs 8,000 pounds.


Looking inside one of the long guns.

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