Road Trip!!!!

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Crossing in to Kansas!


West Mineral, Kansas is home to the World's Largest Earth Mover, Big Brutus. There was one larger, Big Muskie, in Ohio but Big Muskie is now disassembled so, Big Brutus is now the largest! This is a smaller shovel. It holds 40 cubic yards of earth and weighs 60 tons empty.


You could see Big Brutus from miles away. If you look by the tracks on the right hand side of the picture, you can see Kris. She's the little speck.


Teeny Bill inside the big scoop.


Checking out the view from Big Brutus. It was SO windy!


You could walk through nearly the entire shovel. There were only a couple of closed areas.


In what turned out to be the first in a string of wild animals hating us, this bird HATED Bill. We think this was it's nest and it had eggs. It started making a lot of noise and fluffing up it's feathers when Bill walked by.


The sign out front of Big Brutus with the years it was in use.


We spent the second night in Wichita Kansas at the Radisson Broadview hotel.


The lobby was just beautiful!


The rooms were great too. We had the most awesome pizza at a pizzeria down the street. The weather was so nice we sat outside on the patio.

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