Road Trip!!!!

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On our way across South Dakota, we saw this huge bull's head on top of a hill. We pulled over to take a picture.


It turns out it was a sculpture park so, we went it.


Driving in to the park (see dirt road), there was a herd of cattle. These two wouldn't budge and they looked a little pissed (3rd angry animal encounter). They stood there for several minutes before the moved.


There were signs by some of the sculptures giving the artist's interpretation of the piece. Some of them were a little odd. This one said that beauty and pain were fleeting. "The thorn can be pulled and the butterfly will fly away."


Bill's so funny! They had all of these buzzards around with weapons.


Skeleton fish with skeleton umbrella. You can see behind the fish that the sculpture park was pretty much in the middle of nowhere.


We thought the fish bowl was pretty cool.


There were a lot of these ram-horned skeletons guarding the bull's head.


The sign's said it it's the World's Largest Bull's Head. The artist told us it's the largest thing he's ever made.


This one was called Pandora's Box. It was one of the more disturbing sculptures. I can't remember what the sign said it represented but the creepy Jack-in-the Box was disturbing enough.


Another creepy one. We started to wonder is maybe the artist spent a little too much time alone, in the middle of nowhere.

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