Road Trip!!!!

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Ready to leave! We had the computer all ready with a GPS to track our every move and the Roadside America website to look up anything we want to see.


We headed straight North and were in Oklahoma quickly!


The first place we hit was Durant, Oklahoma where the World's "Largest" Peanut was right in front of City Hall. ("largest" in quotes because there is a larger one in Georgia) We drove around downtown for a few minutes and couldn't find it but they were having a Magnolia Festival.


So, we stopped to look around. They had rides, arts & crafts and antiques.


Hey! We found it! City Hall was within the street festival.


Our next stop...Muskogee which is home to perhaps the most landlocked submarine, the U.S.S Batfish. We saw from the hours that we were too late to take a tour but we hoped to at least be able to see it and take a picture.


No such luck. The whole road was closed! We couldn't see any part of it.


We stayed the night at the Embassy Suites in Tulsa. Sadly, we just missed happy hour.


Ready to go bright and early the next morning. OK, relatively early.


Before heading out of Tulsa, we stopped to see the "Golden Driller" at the Tulsa Fair Grounds. It cracked us up that there's an oil-covered penguin in front of him. You can just see Kris next to the penguin.


There didn't seem to be a good reason for the oil-covered penguin to be there. We thought it was kind of bad advertising for the oil industry. We read that they added the penguin around 2003.

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