Road Trip!!!!

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After left Dodge, we came upon the Santa Fe Trail.


Did I mention that it was REALLY windy?


It was interesting reading about the trail but we couldn't really see the covered wagon tracks that the signs said we should be able to see. It was pretty though.


After we drove a little longer  we stopped to take a cell phone picture to send to the guys back at work. Sadly, no cell phone coverage.


Our next stop were the Monument Rocks between Oakley and Scott City. They're also called the Chalk Pyramids. What the map didn't show us was that the road to the monument was a dirt road in-between two farms.


We turned several times, each time down another dirt road and we couldn't see them. We started to worry.


Finally we got to them. They just popped up out of nowhere, in the middle of nowhere.


They were just beautiful.


This formation is called "the window."


On our way out, on a dirt road, of course, we passed 2 cars on their way to the rocks. We also passed this sign. Apparently we came in the back way because there was no sign where we turned. It was still all dirt roads.


We saw our first antelope on the way back to the road. On our trip we literally saw hundreds of antelope.

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