Road Trip!!!!

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Jailbird Bill. Hee!


We were on a quest to see buffalo. This animatronic one was the first one.


In Boot Hill they reproduced some of the tombstones. This one says, "A buffalo hunter named McGill who amused himself by shooting into every house he passed. He won't pass this way again. Died March 1872."


The hangman's tree.


This sign had the documented stories of a few of the people who were buried at Boot Hill. One of my favorites said, "He lived well and loved unwisely."


We had a nice day in Dodge.


The inside of the re-created bar. They even had a passed-out drunk.


These buildings were original to Dodge. They had been fully restored and furnished. You couldn't go upstairs. The sign said the buildings weren't made for the amount of traffic that went though each building. It was too weak to let everyone upstairs.


The gates leading in to Boot Hill.


This really great statue of Wyatt Earp was in the middle of downtown.


Earp was the Deputy Marshall of Dodge City, 1876 - 1879. Deputy Sheriff of Ford County, 1876. Assistant Marshall of Dodge City, 1877.

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