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We had no idea that Denver has so many sculptures around town. It was very cool! We thought this was probably the most unusual. A giant chair with a horse standing on the seat. It was right outside of the library, caddy corner to the Capital building.


Just a couple of miles away was Mile High Stadium. OK, Invesco Field at Mile High (whatever). It was around lunch time so we were hoping they might have a restaurant that was open.


No restaurant. But it gave us a chance to walk around and visit the gift shop.


The bronco statues were very cool. It's a fountain during football season. They had tours of the stadium but it was already Saturday afternoon and we were still pretty far from home.


By the time we were to Colorado Springs, we still hadn't had lunch. So, we stopped by the Air Force Academy hoping they would have a restaurant.


An overview of the Academy grounds. The peaked building is the church. We wanted to go inside but it was closed for the rest of the day for weddings.


They had a Subway in the visitor's center. We ate outside. The views were wonderful!


This falcon statue was on a trail leading to the church.


Penrose, Colorado was our next stop to see the World's Largest Rocking Chair. It's 21 ft high, 14 ft wide, 9100 lbs, Hand Hewn Douglas Fir Logs, Built in 1990. We thought it was funny that there was a picnic table underneath the chair. If we had a picnic, I think I'd rather look at the chair than sit underneath it. We went into the gift shop and all the lady said to us was, "Big chair, huh?".


Just South of Pueblo, Colorado we saw this big mound. Bill said, "I wonder what that mound is."


Hey! There was a sign! It's the Huerfano Butte. It was named "El Huerfano" or "The Orphan" by the early Spaniards. It shows up in records as early as 1818. It was near the trapper's trail from Taos.

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