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Oakley, Kansas had this great statue of Buffalo Bill Cody. It was so huge and it looked even bigger since it was in the middle of plains.


The sign said that, at the time, there were two men with the nickname "Buffalo Bill." They decided to have a "buffalo" contest to decide who got to keep the name.


Cody was so far ahead by the time they took a lunch break he decided to make it interesting and rode bareback for the rest of the contest. Cody won, obviously. The contest was held just a few miles from the statue.


We saw this little guy at a rest stop. We thought it was a prairie dog since we saw tons of signs for Prairie Dog Town along the way.


After we saw real prairie dogs (later in the trip) we knew it wasn't a prairie dog. We looked it up on the internet. It's a thirteen-lined ground squirrel. Neither of us had even seen one.


That night we stayed in Hays, Kansas. It was the first night we stayed in a hotel with internet service. We checked in, sent some photos, etc.


The next morning we stopped at Ft. Hays. It was established in 1865. It served as a home for the U.S. 7th Cavalry commanded by George Custer.


The 3rd buffalo of the trip in front of Ft. Hays!


Our 4th buffalo and the second animal to HATE us. The buffalo herd was across the street from Ft. Hays and this one was very angry to have his  picture taken.


In Victoria we came across St. Fidelis Church. It's known as The Cathedral of the Plains. It was completed in 1911 and it seats 1100. It's visited by 15,000 tourists annually.


A statue of the Capuchin Friar, St. Fidelis.

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