Road Trip!!!!

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The guns were really cool and long. They also were great for yelling in to to make cool echoes.


Everything was just cool and big!


These are some short guns towards the bow of the ship.


It's hard to capture how cool the memorial was in pictures.


The anchor chain was big and heavy. Most of it was secured to the ground but you could move the last link with a LOT of effort.


The gift shop was where the bridge was. When we were leaving, a group in a bus pulled up. They had a camera crew with them. We thought they might be Veterans.


Next we went to the Sioux Falls. It was the site of the Queen Bee flour mill. It survived debt and floods. It traded hands many times but was destroyed in a fire in 1956. The ruins and a historical marker were all that was left.


The falls were just beautiful!


They were very turbulent falls. Bill got really wet taking this picture!


Not so wet for Kris. This is from the bridge spanning the falls. No one really wanted to get wet. It was a pretty cool day (see sweater).


The old power plant for the Queen Bee Mill is now a visitor center and snack bar. We had lunch outside so we could see the falls.

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