Road Trip!!!!

Day One


Loading up the car. One of the guys at Bill's work was nice enough to let us borrow his car refrigerator. I was SO glad. It kept Bill from buying one. 


 Here's the inside of the fridge loaded up with our sodas.


 The back of the truck loaded up. The blue bins are in case we bought anything big that wouldn't fit in the back of the truck. The 5 bags in the front of the picture are bags of sand that Bill brought in case we got stuck in snow. He also brought a sleeping bag, an axe, an air pump, 2 cans of fix-a-flat and pliers. I teased him endlessly about his "survival kit". Especially about the sleeping bag and the sand.


 This is hard to see but it's the back seat filled with our suitcases.


 The front seat equipment included 2 cell phones, a GPS and a power inverter in case we needed to plug anything in that didn't have a cigarette lighter adapter. We mostly used it to charge up the laptop.


 Here I am. The GPS hooked up to the laptop which had software that would track us and tell me exactly where we were. It really helped with shortcuts.


 Our first stop was actually about 30 miles from our house. We spotted this Mary of Puddin' Hill store in Greenville. They have GREAT candies, cookies and fruitcakes.


Our second stop was in Sulphur Springs, TX at the S.W. Dairy Museum. They had these really great giant cows in front.


 I know what you're thinking...a dairy museum? We looked around to be polite to the people that worked there but we were really there for the ice cream. They had great ice cream. Don't forget the giant cows too!


 We made a stop in Hope, Arkansas because it's supposed to be the Watermelon Capitol of the World. They were supposed to have a water tower painted like a big watermelon but when we got there, we could tell they painted it over white. We had no idea that Hope is the hometown of Bill Clinton. But there were too many signs to miss it. We figure they wanted to get rid of the gimmicky stuff when he became President. This is a photo of Bill Clinton's first home. As you can tell I took it was we were driving by. There wasn't a place to stop. It was a cute house.


 When we left Hope, we were headed to Little Rock to spend the night but we kept seeing these billboards...Isle of Capri...a few miles later...Isle of Capri. It was in Mississippi but not too far away. So, we looked at each other and thought, "Isle of Capri, huh?" So we turned and went to Mississippi. Between the two of us, we broke even gambling. We started off with $60 each. I lost $10 and Bill made $30.

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