Mini Road Trip

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The Empress' wedding chair.

The Emperor's dining table.

The armory and architecture building.

Kris with one of the full-sized warriors.

Finally we got to the terra-cotta army.

The front regiment of warriors was made full-scale.

The real Terracotta Army was buried with the Emperor of Qin.

They were built to help Emperor Qui fight battles in the afterlife. They're hollow so when the soldiers died, their soul could inhabit the statue. Each statue was made to resemble each individual soldier so their soul would know which statue to inhabit.

This is pit #1. It has the same number of soldiers as the one in China but these statues are 1/3 scale (about 2 feet high). The large hill in the back is Emperor Qin's burial mound.

A close-up of the warriors. Their hands are shaped that way because when they were originally buried with wooden weapons.

The Emperor Qin rules over his army.

Pit #2 next to the first pit.

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