Mini Road Trip

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Lucky alligator in the lobby. The paint was worn away from his nose from people touching him.

Some of the lobby decorations.

Pretty waterfall.

The outside of one of the casinos.

We did really well gambling. I think between the two of us we were only down $20.

Back in Texas at the giant star.

This is in front of the Texas welcome center.

Kris checking out some of the brochures we picked up at the welcome center.

Our first stop of the day was in Beaumont, Texas to see the World's 3rd Largest Fire Hydrant.

The hydrant weighs 4,500 lbs. and can output 1,500 gallons of water a minute.

It was built in Anaheim, CA by Disney for the re-release of Disney's animated movie, 101 Dalmatians. When it was built it was the world's largest  fire hydrant. It found a permanent home in Beaumont. It stands in front of the firefighter's museum. You can see the building in this picture.

All of the fire hydrants on the black are painted with Dalmatian spots.

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