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Topped with a big red cowboy hat.

A view up the center of the tower.

Bill in front of the Eiffel Tower.

This cracked us up. In the parking lot in front of the Civic Center where the Eiffel Tower is, this calf was right behind the police car. The car would move slowly away and the calf would follow. The car moved, the calf followed. After a while the policeman got out of the car and waited until a guy with a trailer pulled up and they loaded the calf in.

Our next stop, Pittsburg, TX where there is a giant head of Bo Pilgrim in front of the Pilgrim's Pride distribution center. Kris is in the picture so you can tell how big it is.

The plaque next to the giant head talks about Bo Pilgrim and the statue of him that is sitting on a bench underneath the head.

The statue shows Bo Pilgrim, who was very religious, reading his own personal bible. Next to his hat are "Good News for Modern Man" brochures in English and Spanish which he distributed to millions worldwide.

Next to him is his chicken, Henrietta. She used to be a regular feature in the company's early advertising. Bo is reading from from the Book of Luke (the five loaves and the two fishes story).

There are a lot of orchards around there. We liked the giant peach.

After a LONG drive we stopped in Lake Charles, Louisiana. We got a room at the Isle of Capri.

We got a junior suite!

It had a living room...

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