Mini Road Trip

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We left Saturday morning around 11. Kris is connecting the GPS to the computer before we head out.


This Historical Marker marks the Smiley-Woodfin Native Prairie Grassland. It's the largest section of native grassland in Texas. Approximately 2100 acres.

Here's the grassland. It's the largest supplier of native hay in the state.

More of the grassland.

There were these holes all over the place. We couldn't decide if mice, snakes or spiders lived in there.

The airplane along with missiles were just sitting at this old, closed gas station.

The next marker talked about Lamar County. Kris stayed in the car to figure out where we were going next.

This restored train station is now a train museum. It was very cute.

We saw a few of these signs. The Blue Star Memorial Highway. A tribute to the Armed Forces that have defended the United States of America.

Our first real stop was Paris, Texas

To see the Eiffel Tower.

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