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This was more of a Roman or Greek-style sarcophagus. When other countries would invade Egypt, eventually they would conform to Egypt's was of life and death.

They had a mastaba-style tomb all set up for you to walk through. One of the first tombs we went to in Egypt was a mastaba.

Some birds on the Nile with a hippo lurking.

This wooden boat was found in a tomb, still intact.

I think these are sea otters.


The man-eater of Mfuwe. This is the largest man-eating lion on record. After killing it's 6th victim, the lion paraded through the streets, roaring and carrying a bag of clothing taken from the last victim's home. It convinced locals that the lion was a demon or sorcerer. Hunting was severely restricted. The Zambian government only allowed safari hunting for the income it generates. A former Chicagoan, Wayne Hosek shot and killed the lion during a safari in the region.

I think this gorilla was from the Chicago zoo and moved to the museum when he passed.

Next we went to the underground exhibit where we were very tiny, as you can see from this giant penny.

Giant grub worm!

I think this is an ant.

And this is a crawfish.

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