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Next we went by the genetics and baby chick hatchery.

They were so cute!

Over to the coal mine and petroleum exhibit.

This had a recording with it explaining which levels gas, oil, etc come from.

We walked through farm tech. This cracked me up!

To Colleen Moore's Fairy Castle. Coleen was a silent film star in the 1930s. She started acting at age 15 in supporting roles. She rocketed to stardom with her lead role in Flaming Youth, where she shocked audiences of the day by cutting her hair in to a short bob style and wearing loose, flapping galoshes. In all, she went to star in over 60 films. She was one of the first people to leave her footprints in the cement at Graumanís Chinese Theater in Hollywood.

inspired by her father and with help from her former set designer, Horace Jackson, Moore constructed an eight foot tall miniature "fairy castle" which toured the United States. The interior of The Colleen Moore Dollhouse, designed by Harold Grieve, features miniature bear skin rugs and detailed furniture and art.

It includes murals and paintings painted by Walt Disney himself; chandeliers adorned with real diamonds, emeralds and pearls; the tiniest bible ever to be written, dating back to 1840; and ancient statues more than 2,000 years old.

It was behind glass so we got some reflections.

Definitely the coolest dollhouse we've ever seen.

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