About the Dog Cam

The Three Dog Cam went online for the first time on Tuesday, July 22, 1997. It was set up mostly out of our own curiosity about just what our dogs do all day.

We started out with one camera pointed at our chaise lounge. The dogs knocked the camera (which was mounted on a tripod) over one too many times and it eventually shorted out. Kris also accidentally ran over the wire with a heavy TV on a stand which smushed the wire so that may have contributed to the short. We then upgraded to three wireless cameras around the kitchen/living room area. After a few years they started to get blurry and they never really worked well in low light so, when we moved the dogs to the laundry room because of behavioral problems, we had to upgrade to a new, higher resolution camera.

Right now the camera is in our laundry room. We're home more than we used to be so the dogs don't spend much time in the laundry room unless they want to drink water. So, to get as many dog pics as possible, the dogcam is on when we feed them, starting around 11:30am CST - noon until they're finished eating.

The camera takes a picture every 60 seconds. The page should refresh on it's own. If not, you can manually refresh without causing any problems.

There are 2 pages you can watch. One has only the current photo and refreshes every 60 seconds. The second is the current photo along with thumbnails of the last 30 photos. If you click on a thumbnail it will display as the main image. You need javascript in order for it to work correctly.

Since it is the "Dog Cam" it will only be on when we can't be seen on it. If you want to see us, go to our home page and click on one of the years to see our photos for that year. I assure you they're better pictures than you would get of us on the cam.

The page has had many different names. It's been "The Three Dog Cam," "The Four Dog Cam" and "The 5 Dog Cam" because of deaths and additions to our puppy family. You can read all about our current and dearly departed babies on their individual pages.

If you feel like e-mailing the dogs you can write Lily at lily@sager.org, Spike at spike@sager.org and Oliver at oliver@sager.org and Princess at Princess@sager.org. Be patient, you'll get a response as soon as possible.


E-mail us at kasuko@sager.org