Princess has kind of come full-circle back to us. Kris' sister, Laura, wanted to buy a dog for her boys for Christmas 2000. In order for it to be a surprise, We said we'd buy a puppy, train her and then she'd be all set to give to the boys.

After we lost our father in 2007, Laura, the boys and Princess moved in with our mother to help out. It worked out great. Princess kept Mom company during the day.

Well, unfortunately, Mom got sick and while she's in the hospital and eventually recovering at the house, we all thought it would be best if Princess came to live with us so she wouldn't be jumping up on Mom while we was recovering.

Princess is VERY sweet and cuddly and we just love her!



Princess minds very well. She's now even gotten used to sleeping in the dog bed with the rest of the dogs and she even is starting to like swimming.

Our bed is very high, way too high for any of the dogs to jump on. Well, Princess jumps up with no problems at all so, if she wakes up and thinks we need kisses, we're getting kisses. She's very sweet and is fitting in well.

In mid 2014 Princess woke up and her left eye was bulging. We took her to the vet and the diagnosis was glaucoma, it was just in her left eye. We tried medication but it didn't help. She lost her left eye. It didn't seem to phase her at all. Sometimes she would run in to things but she did that anyway, she always moved before she looked. We kept with the glaucoma medication, hoping it wouldn't get in to her other eye. Unfortunately, in March 2015 she woke up and her right eye was bulging. It was glaucoma. We tried the medication but she went blind. We really tried to teach her. We lead her around the house. She felt her way around. It was hard for her because she was also completely deaf. She spent her days either laying in one spot in the laundry room all day or she would run in to walls and be completely panicked. She was so miserable, not eating or moving and then panicking, we made the decision on March 21, 2015. we truly miss her. She was such a happy-go-lucky girl.

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