As soon as Bill held Lily, I knew we were in trouble. He so fell in love with her, there was no doubt that she was coming home with us.

Lily is a Maltese, just like Daphney. She's VERY smart. Within a week, she was already going out by herself and making no mistakes inside! She's old enough to be out of her crate but she's still very much into tearing things. We tried to restrict her and the other dogs to only the tiled floor for a while but she wreaked havoc on things we never thought any of the dogs would try to tear up so, she's back in the crate until she grows out of the puppy stage. We just couldn't have her thinking it was OK to tear things up as long as we weren't home.

She is so crazy, she's all over the place. She gets along with everyone really well. At first, Daphney didn't want much to do with Lily but now they're best buddies. Daphney even goes so far as to start the play sessions!

Lily is currently in obedience school. We think she has separation anxiety and we're hoping obedience school will give her enough confidence to be at home with the other dogs without tearing up everything. She's doing great! She's so smart she's learning all of her lessons very quickly. During the Summer, she follows Elmo in to the pool. I think this Summer we're going to buy her her own life vest!

After Elmo passed away, Lily became the alpha dog in the house. She even put Princess in her place and Princess was about 5X her size! Lily was also a toy hoarder. I've also heard it called "golluming." She would take all the toys, put them in a pile and lay on them so no one else would play with them. She was a character! Lily passed away on June 29, 2016. She had a few health problems but nothing major that we knew of. One day I could see she wasn't right. I asked Bill to come home. He came home early. We were about to leave for the vet's office to see if she was OK when she had a seizure and passed away. Our only regret was we didn't leave for the vet earlier. We were surprised by the seizure. The vet felt her abdomen and said she had undetected spleen cancer. We miss her terribly!

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