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Next, we went to the MGM. This is a picture of the lions in their new lion habitat inside the casino.


Here's one playing with a ball.


And the other one with it's ball. I think there were 3 linos when we were there.


Here's Kris waiting for dinner.


And Bill's waiting too.


I hurt my foot pretty badly right before we left for Vegas. After walking on it Wednesday and half of Thursday, we got a wheelchair.


This is the buffet at the Paris hotel. Bill hates buffets but he liked this one so much, we went twice!


The buffet was cute. Each food station was a different house.


On Friday we went to Caesar's Palace. We stopped a while to have a Margarita.


Then we went to The Mirage. I always have to take a picture of the white tigers.


Next we went to the Venetian. This is the entrance hallway.

Kris in front of the cool globe in the front lobby.


Part of the mall at the Venetian.


On Saturday we were leaving around 1pm. We ate breakfast at the Patisserie and took pictures of the stores.


A photo of the small shopping area in Paris.

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