Las Vegas Trip 3/01


Well, Bill and I finally made it to Vegas together. We arrived Wednesday afternoon (2/28).


Bill had to call the office as soon as we landed.


Here's the cute horny toad that's in the new terminal.


The lobby of the Paris hotel.


Here's our room.


Bill really likes this picture because, if you look at the screen, you can see the log-in prompt. Someone forgot to log in that morning.


Part of the Eiffel Tower.


On Thursday we went next door to the new Aladdin.


Here's part of the food court in the mall at the Aladdin.


The Genie at the entrance to the casino.


Then we headed over to the Mandalay Bay to the "Shark Reef".

We didn't get a lot of pictures to come out good. The plexi-glass was so thick, our camera had trouble focusing. Here's a Lion Fish.


These jelly fish were beautiful.


This one came out blurry but I think it's still cool. There are 4 eels sticking out from under the broken pot.


The big shark part was cool. You stand inside a wrecked ship and look out the breaks in the hull to see the sharks.


Big blurry shark!

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