Cozumel '03

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We've been to Palmeras before. Bill didn't remember that their regular margaritas are VERY, very strong.

This dog came up to our table while we were eating. I tried to give him a chip but he didn't want it. He just wanted to lay down while we ate.

The hotel had these great robes. I wore mine all the time.

I have no idea what I'm doing. Apparently acting like a drama queen.

The next day was sunny again. Yea!

Bill drinking a Corona.

Bill really liked taking these pictures through his feet.

Once the sun started going down, we walked along the beach.

We went up in a lookout tower to check out the view.

We could see the cruise ships in town from there.

The palapas on the beach.

There were all of these little piers where you could get in the water to go snorkelling. We sat out on one for a little bit to look at the fish.

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