Cozumel '03

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The storm didn't keep us out of the pool either.

We took a break to nap and watch a little football.

We went out for a nice dinner at the hotel restaurant.

Before dessert they gave us petit fours on a chocolate-coated plate. We couldn't decide if we were supposed to eat this head or not. It looked like it was made of chocolate but it could have just been coated like the plate. In the end, we decided to leave it instead of possibly cracking a tooth on a chocolate-coated ceramic head.

Breakfast at the restaurant the next morning.

We hung out by the beach. It rained on and off all day long.

The sun never really came out all day but it was relaxing.

They had flags on each palapa. If you wanted service, you just had to put the flag in the sand in front and a waiter would be right out.

Another storm blowing in.

We stayed on the beach until the sun went down.

Housekeeping made this cute bird for us on the table.

For dinner, we went in to town. We ate at Palmeras. I had a mango margarita.

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