Cozumel '03

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We finally made it to the pool!

The loungers were padded and had these great pillows. It was very relaxing.

Drinks. Yea!

The Pina Coladas were great!

Bill took a little nap.

There were a few iguanas around the hotel. This one lived in the bushes close to our room.

They had these bags hanging all around the restaurant and tables. The waiter said they were filled with water and vinegar to repel flies.

The hotel had what they called a "natural aquarium." It was a walkway over the ocean. Every time we walked on it, all of these fish came swimming up and followed us around the walkway.

People must feed the fish all the time. There were so many different fish.

This eel was on the rocks for a little while. It was very pretty.

These little birds followed us too.

There were tons of crabs on the rocks.

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