Press Check '08

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We had some time after dinner so we went to a movie. They had the coolest theaters there! iPic Theaters. On top of the theaters, they had a restaurant, bar and...

...a cool bowling alley.

They had good drinks!

We were going to play a game of Quao (cow) but we didn't have time.

And we were tired.

Steve watching TV.

We went back to the hotel to sleep for a couple of hours and then we were up again early morning to go to work. The blizzard had already started.

You can kind of see how it was starting to get to white-out conditions.

John's ready to get Ellen with a snowball.

The farm across the street.

The winds got really bad and there was a white-out situation so we were stuck. Also, there were so many pressmen calling that they couldn't make it in that presses were being shut down.

We didn't have any food other than vending machines. We knew there were some small bars close-by so we decided to try to make it.

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