Press Check '08

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Our trip started off on a strange note. There was a Macaque on our flight. He was a passenger. No carrier or anything, just a leash. He sat on his owner's lap like a baby.

Finally in Milwaukee. We arrived early so we could see the Superbowl. We went to Mo's Irish Pub.

We got free stuff! John looks so cute in his Captain Moran's hat!

We all got free hats and shirts!

After the Superbowl we went to the hotel, the Washington House Inn in Cedarburg. I had the John Roth Room.

The room was very cool!

The tub was HUGE! When I sat in it my head barely came above the rim.

Leaving the plant, early morning. The snow was pretty!

We ate dinner at the Paramount restaurant. They offered us pillows for our backs. John accepted.

Late night working. We were worn out!

Leaving the plant late, late that night. It was snowing!

In all the years we've been going to Wisconsin, I think it's snowed once and it was very light.

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