When we got Lem, Oliver was the youngest dog we had but he was already 8 years old. Lem wanted to play and play and play all the time. Oliver would play but he wanted to take breaks and lay down too. Lem was bored. So, we started talking about getting him a playmate. We wanted to adopt and not go to another breeder. A friend of ours had a friend and their dog had puppies but that fell through. They ended up keeping all of them. So, I looked online. We had never adopted through an adoption place. People always gave us their dogs or our vet called us that they had a dog. It was interesting. They came by and made sure your home was OK and you were OK to have a pet. Some even wanted to speak to your vet! That was a little nuts.



A couple of dogs we were interested in fell through. We wanted a dog that was young so they would play with Lem but we also wanted a small dog. I finally saw a dog they named "Mulan" like the Disney movie. She was a Chihuahua puppy, born at the shelter. They had the whole litter. Mulan was the runt so she was small. The shelter was the type that uses fosters (Habitat 4 Paws) so she was already learning potty training and she was fixed.

I contacted them and she was still available so the next step was to meet her and they needed to see our house and meet our other dogs. It went so well! She came in and played with every toy. Our old dogs didn't know what hit them! She was perfect! We kept her for a week trial and she's been with us ever since.

She can jump like a champ! I suspect she has some Rat Terrier in her. She keeps us and all of the dogs on our toes!

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