After we got Karai, I friended the Habitat 4 Paws page on Fecebook in case any of my friends saw a dog they wanted to adopt. I wanted to support them. One day in my feed I saw a cute Chihuahua's picture, Fievel, up for adoption. Habitat has adoption events almost every weekend. THe next week, I saw Fievel again. I thought that was weird. He was super cute. A month later, there he was again. This time I showed Bill, "Look at this dog, can you believe no one had adopted him yet? He's so cute!" By this time I was looking every Monday to see if he'd been adopted over the weekend. He was still there. Now I was thinking there was something wrong with him even though it said he was so sweet and cuddly and potty trained and quiet. He sounded perfect. But why wasn't he adopted yet? They were lying. He was psycho somehow.



Finally, Bill asked if I wanted to go see him. YES! Of course I did. I had to go see what was wrong with this adorable dog. Why wasn't anyone adopting him? We took Karai so they could see her again.

He was adorable in person. He didn't like Karai. He snapped at her but he was freaked out at all the people and the dogs barking at the event. They asked if we wanted to try a week with him. Well, yes!

He was SO different the next day. He's hilarious! He's so happy and cuddly and he dances around the house. He's overjoyed to see us even if we just leave the room and come back. We just love him! He's a little insecure but that'll ease with time. They told us he's already had 2 homes before ours and he's not even 2 years old. My poor baby!

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