Press Check '05

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After we checked the press in the morning, we went driving around. There were a LOT of Great Gray Owls from Canada. This is the best picture we took.

We stopped in Sheboygan for lunch.

John ordered some hot tea to warm up.

Trying to decide what to order.

We went to the hotel/convention center across the lake. It had an indoor water park.

A very cool theater in town.

All of the little shops in town were very cool.

On Sunday we went to Smith Bros. for a little bit to watch some of the football games.

Then back to work.

Our "Prospector Pose" picture in honor of Steve's pose in the SPC Christmas pictures.

After dinner that night we discovered that the keys fell out of John's pocket on to his seat and were locked inside the car. Luckily the car had a keypad lock. John called the rental company and we got right in using the code!

The last morning. The lake looked really cool. Like the water was steaming,


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