Press Check '05

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The morning started off with Starbucks. John's calling the plant to see when they need us to come in.

Eliud, Kris and Ellen all wearing our Winter hats.

We had dinner across the street from the hotel at Smith Bros. You can see "The Captain" behind us.

The next morning Eliud was the only one to brave the negative temperatures to take pictures.

The ducks were switching between swimming and sitting on the ice.

Here's the ducks and the lighthouse. You can see how far the lake is frozen.

John cut himself pretty badly shaving. Ellen put a Band-Aid on it.

All bundled up to go to the plant.

Waiting in the customer lounge.

Eliud took a picture of us on the sofa...

...and then he joined us.

There was a Mermaid Mrs. Potatohead in the lounge for us to play with.

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