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John is checking a form before dinner.

Early the next morning Ellen and I went in to check a form and they didn't need us right then so, we went driving around.

To Sheboygan Falls

This cracked us up! Can you see the Century 21 sign in front of this pile?

We stopped because this was such a cute barn.

Then Ellen took a few pictures of some cows. Right before we were leaving, the farmer came storming out of another barn. He didn't look too happy that we were hanging around his cows. Luckily we were already about to drive off.

This was in front of a bank. It was so cute!

We went in to a bar in town for a beer. I loved this sign.

Last night. Waiting for the plant to call us to go in. Pete, Kris, Steve and John just hanging out.

The SPC crew: John, Kris, Ellen and Steve.

At the airport! Getting some lunch before we head home!

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