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We had a layover on the way to Wisconsin in Minnesota. We had an early flight and hadn't had breakfast yet so, we stopped for breakfast.

Ellen and John had to get their boarding passes.

In Wisconsin. The rental car was a minivan. We couldn't figure out how to fold down the 3rd row seating. We had to pull out the manual!

We had the afternoon free. We decided to go look for Laverne and Shirley's apartment. We found Blatz Brewing Company.

We thought we found the street where the apartment was supposed to be but we couldn't find the apartment. Ellen was Googling it.

This is as close to a basement apartment as we could find. We know there's a plaque where the real apartment is but we never saw it.

So, we went to the Metro Hotel. This is the Zen roof area.

There was a couple up there with their dog.

The view down the street.

On to work.

It was pretty chilly in Wisconsin. Chillier that we thought it would be. Steve gave us Times Printing hoodies!

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