Press Check '06

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We landed in Milwaukee on Sunday. We were so glad that our favorite restaurant, Mo's, was open.

After the flight delays and everything, we all really needed a drink.

Mo's makes the BEST Cosmos!

After Mo's we headed to the hotel. It was snowing pretty hard all night.

Ellen got John with a couple of snowballs before we went inside.

The rooms were really nice with comfy beds.

The other half of my room.

The next day for lunch, Ellen and I tried to go run next door, without coats, to get lunch. They were closed. It was FREEZING!

The outside of our hotel, The Port Hotel.

All of the rooms were decorated differently. Ellen had a four-poster bed.

And Ellen had a fireplace!

The staircase in the hotel was a killer. Very steep and tall. All of us were on the 3rd floor. We definitely got our exercise in!

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