Christmas '00

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Here's Bill with Princess, the big Christmas present from Laura for Gary and Tomas. Bill and Kris bought and kept her so Gary and Tomas wouldn't see her until Christmas.


On Saturday, we went to San Antonio to see Grandma and Grandpa Perez. Uncle Raymond came by to drop off presents for Gary and Tomas.


Laura with Tomas (left) and Gary (right).


Tomas watching the football game.


And mom watching the football game.


Dad and Tomas.


Gary's covered up watching the game.


Here's grandma's Christmas tree with all of the family's presents.


While we were there, Grandma's cousin, Oscar, stopped by to say hello.


Grandpa and Kris!


Laura, Grandpa and Kris.

Grandpa and grandma. So cute!


Dad and grandma by the Christmas tree.

Back to mom & dad's house. Here's their tree. 


Here's the tree with the lights out and the Christmas lights on.


On Christmas Eve morning, Laura gave Princess to the boys.


There she is checking out Gary.


And Princess checking out Tomas.

Then the boys took Elmo and Princess out in the backyard to play.

Here's Elmo chasing Gary and Princess trying to bite Elmo's tail. 

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