Peanut is a Chihuahua. In these photos, she was 5 months old. We really didn't mean to get another dog but we got Peanut under a little bit of confusing circumstances.

Kris' mom was retiring in March and always said that she'd get another Chihuahua after she retires. She didn't want another one for a while after their dog, Cha Cha, passed away. Mom's sister, Gracie, bought Peanut as a retirement gift.



Mom & dad loved Peanut but were a little frustrated by her. They hadn't had such a young puppy in almost 20 years and she was quite the little handful. Peanut turned out to be quite the little escape artist while in their house. Mom put a gate across the kitchen doorway and left Peanut with a blanket, food, water and the run of the kitchen.

Mom came home to check on her at lunch and found that Peanut was gone. She was so tiny, mom knew she couldn't have gotten out of the kitchen so she thought someone had broken into the house and taken her. She went into the bedroom and there was Peanut, on top of the bed, asleep. We have no idea how she got up there since the bed was more than four times her height at the time.

Mom figured out later that she got out of the kitchen by chewing through the plastic gate and squeezing throught the small hole. After she squeezed through, the plastic gate snapped back to it's original position so mom couldn't tell by just looking at it how Peanut got out of the kitchen.

Mom & dad came to visit us about a week after they got Peanut. They originally left her here with us so we could train her they way we trained Princess for Laura. We were only going to keep her for a couple of months and take her back to mom & dad on the weekend mom retired.

Well, we liked Peanut so much and she got along so well with the other dogs that we wanted to keep her. Mom was also having some reservations about keeping Peanut since mom and dad wanted to travel and take it easy after she retired. Having a baby puppy was more resposibility than they wanted. So, it all worked out great and here she is with us!

Peanut has really buddied-up to Daphney. They hang out on the chaise lounge pretty much all day. We've tried to see if Peanut is interested in swimming. She likes to stand in the water but only for a few minutes and then she's outta there!

In March 2005 we took Peanut in to get her teeth cleaned and they discovered she had diabetes. She's so easy going she doesn't mind any of the injections She even came to us when it was time for a shot. Any of the other dogs, they would run away.


In late October 2013 Peanut's habits changed. She was drinking a lot of water and was very thin. We took her to the vet and she was diagnosed with Cushing's. We had just started treating her when she became very finicky about her food. We could get her to eat, we had to keep changing food. The Cushing's medication was working, we had to increase the doseage. She seemed to be doing fine. Unfortunately, on November 8th she took a very bad turn for the worst and passed away.

It was a shock for all of us. We are very sad at her loss. We take comfort that she did live such a long life. When she was diagnosed with diabetes they told us she wouldn't live very long. She missed her 13th birthday by 2 weeks.


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