Press Check '02


We had a layover at O'Hare for about an hour. We had Starbucks and Mrs. Field's cookies while we waited for our little plane to Madison.


We stayed at the Ho-Chunk Hotel and Casino in Baraboo/Wisconsin Dells Wisconsin.


This is the waterfall in the lobby. There was a bear statue to the left but the picture didn't come out.

The eagle that was on the ceiling. Every once in a while, the fish wiggled.

The entrance to the casino.

In-between checks we went driving around Wisconsin Dells. We saw these wild turkeys running around a field. They were very cool.


Here they are running away from us after Ellen started yelling for the guy turkey to come back and open his feathers like he was doing when we drove by the first time. They all disappeared in to the woods.

The road we were on ended in the water. The sign said no trespassing so we naturally all got out of the car to look around.


Ellen and Martha checking it all out. It was very pretty.

Another view.


All of us (except John) by the sign.

The next day there must have been some kind of antique car rally. There were a bunch of them in the parking lot.


When Ellen and John came back from a check, they took a few pictures with a couple of the cars.

That night after dinner and before the next check, Ellen and Kris went gambling!


We didn't win anything, unfortunately, but we had fun.


We finished working early Saturday morning. We couldn't go home early since our tickets required a Saturday stay so, we went to Madison to be closer to the airport. It made it easier to catch our early flight.


The capitol building was very pretty.

In front of the capitol, they were having a kind of farmer's market. They had flowers, plants and food stands.


We ate at this really yummy Italian restaurant.


Here's Ellen and me with our waiter, Andrew.


After lunch, we passed through the capitol building to get the shops on State Street. There were a lot of pretty mosaics around the dome. This one is the Legislation mosaic.

A shot of the dome from the inside.


We went to a cheese shop with all of these cheesehead hats. Here's John in a cheese cowboy hat.


Kris in a cheese sombrero.


Ellen in a cheese fireman's helmet.


Towards the end of the afternoon, John was wearing down and waited for us outside the store in the hand chair.

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