Splendour of the (Last Minute) Seas Cruise

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Bill and I had a couple of days off plus the weekend. We found a last-minute cruise. We booked on Tuesday and it left on Thursday.


Mom & Dad said they'd watch the dogs for us so we packed everyone up in the car and headed to their house first.


We arrived at the port in Galveston in the afternoon. It didn't take long to check in.


Bill's checking out the schedule for the rest of the day.


We had a nice little sofa in our room.

Next we explored the ship. There was a whole celestial/adventure theme on board. This represents the sun.


Looking down a few decks.

Above the sun was this representation of constellations.


We checked out every deck of the ship.


Next, we had to get ready for muster at 5:30. Everyone had to report to their stations wearing their life vests.


Our self portrait at muster.


The rest of the ship at muster. We couldn't leave until everyone checked in.

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