Shreveport Weekend 3/03

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We did OK after dinner. Got up to even plus a little more. We had a drink and headed to...

The Horseshoe Casino. This is the lobby.

Boy, we sucked at the Horseshoe. Here's our self-photo while freezing outside, waiting for the bus to take us back the the Hollywood Casino.

The fountains outside the Horseshoe were pretty.

Back to the Hollywood Casino.

We did pretty well the next morning. We went to the Hollywood Casino and played for a few more hours before heading back home.

Goofing around with the camera.

On the way back we stopped at the Texas Welcome Center.

We wanted to pick up a map. We wanted an alternate route to miss the construction.

So, we headed out. After a few minutes, we realised we had been on this road before during our road trip. So, we found another route back.

That's better. Different road.

We stopped at a few historical markers on the way. This one is for the Caddo Trace.


And this one is for Chalybeate Springs.

We didn't get to stop at the Audie Murphy museum but we did swing by the W.W. II POW camp in Princeton. It's now a community park. After we stopped here, we went home. 

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