San Antonio Weekend Trip


Bill didn't have to work the weekend (yea!) so we took a trip to San Antonio.

We stayed at the same hotel where we stayed when we were getting married.


During the day, we went to see my Aunt Gracie and my Mom's father. We went to eat at a restaurant called Henry's.


Bill at the fountain.


On Sunday we stopped by to see my Dad's parents.

Bill with Grandma and Grandpa Perez.


Then we went to the Market Place to go to my favorite restaurant, Mi Tierra.


They were having some kind of festival there. There were 3 different stages.


There were many stands selling all kinds of Mexican food.


There were a lot of people at Mi Tierra. This is the inside of the waiting area. They sell great pan de dulce (sweet bread) and other candies there.


We ate our lunch on the patio.


We got to hear really good music while we were eating. The we drove back home after lunch.

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