Press Check 1/03

Richmond, VA



John was always forgetting his reading glasses. He borrowed Martha's glasses everywhere we went.


The first night, we went to Havana 59. It was a really good Cuban restaurant.


We had some time so we went to see Adaptation. It was good.


Waiting in the customer lounge.


Martha napping on the floor in the customer lounge.


This sign really irritated Ellen.


We drove down Monutment Ave. I took these photos out of the car window. This one's Stonewall Jackson.


If I remember right, this is General Lee.


We got back to the hotel late and I couldn't sleep so I was playing with the camera while I wound down.


For dinner one night, we ate at The Tobacco Company. The building was cool. We loved the chandelier.


Ellen at The Tobacco Company.


Waiting in the customer lounge.


More waiting in the customer lounge.

We started to play Gin while we were waiting. 


It snowed one night for about 5 minutes. This is the best picture I took of the snow.

When we went out in the snow, Ellen brought out her snow hat. 


Then I tried it on.

And John tried it on. 


Ellen and Martha at the airport. I like this photo. It's very rockstar-ish.


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